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Naturligt om halsa

Naturligt om Hälsa

Natural health is published by the Scan Type Publishing Co. four times a year, with a print circulation of 40,000 copies, as well as online magazine in PDF format and here as homepage with links to both our own archive of previous articles, and other interesting information sources of different kinds. Natural health has as motto to the readily available articles and serious ads invite to a natural way of life that leads to physical as well as mental health. We believe that it is best done through in-depth information in terms of diet, supplements, exercise, and all kinds of self-care and self-care products. Information, derived from research in various branches of scienceis made available to the common man in a straightforward manner, or by means of interviews with experts of various kinds, working as doctors, nutritionists, therapists or trainers to name a few professions with great influence on our well-being.

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