Meet the brand: Natura Siberica

Natura Siberica, the first certified organic cosmetic brand using wild herbs and plants from Siberia, harnesses unique properties to enhance skin, hair and well-being. These Siberian beauty products will be at Natural Products Scandinavia giving buyers a chance to ‘lift the lid off an ancient Siberian beauty secret’. Find out more about the brand and its origin story..

Written by Jenni Kulmala

Born in Siberia, with its harsh and remote landscapes, Siberia is one of the last few largely undiscovered territories in a world where almost every other corner has been explored. Here, nature is powerful, unspoiled and wild. In this large territory and into the Russian Far East, nature reserves have been preserved, allowing some of the most unique fauna and flora in the world to reign.

A wealth of endemic plant species thrive, with exceptional therapeutic properties. Traditionally, the herbs, berries and flowers of Siberia and Northern Russia were used to concoct ‘elixirs of youth’ and unique beauty treatments for Russian Tsars and the Imperial Family.

Their secrets have been handed down since the dawn of time, from generation to generation by local tribes native to Siberia. Herbs and plants from Siberia, that are able to survive in one of the most extreme environments on the planet, have developed powerful regenerating and antioxidant properties, offering unique health and beauty benefits for the skin.

Herbs, plants, flowers and berries are sourced from an unspoiled landscape, hand-picked by local Siberian natives, respecting the natural growing cycles. We pay premium prices for wild, manually harvested herbs and plants, in order to support small Siberian tribes and their communities, bringing positive changes to the lives of the native people of Siberia.

The Natura Siberica cosmetic range benefits from the strictest European certifications.


Natura Siberica’s products have been recognised internationally for their quality, originality and innovation – winning us many highly respected awards.

A world-wide distribution

NATURA SIBERICA is distributed in Russia through our own stores and has opened NATURA SIBERICA branded stores in Japan and Hong Kong. In Europe, the first flagship store opened in Copenhagen, Denmark in September 2015. In Central and Eastern Europe, Spain, the Baltic countries, the Nordic countries, France and Germany. NATURA SIBERICA is available through our network of distributors and can be found in organic food stores, perfumeries, pharmacies and other specialised stores.

The Unique Language of Siberia

Our understanding of the herbs and plants used in our modern formulations began in the 1940’s. Russian botanists Lazarev and Brekhman studied more than 4000 thousand plants and herbs from Siberia, before identifying just 12 unique to the rest, that they named ‘adaptogens’. Having survived the Ice Age, these unique plants now possess rare qualities, since adapting to survive in -50⁰C temperatures and severe winds, by synthesising protective active ingredients and powerful antioxidants.

Scientists determined that the rare qualities in these adaptogenic herbs could be harnessed therapeutically for our own well-being and to help slow the skins ageing process.

Natura Siberica utilises a variety of herbs, plants and berries from Siberia, many of which are unfamiliar to the outside world.

Find Natura Siberica products on stand C15 at the show, Natural Products Scandinavia will return to Malmö, Sweden, on Wednesday and Thursday 14-15 November. To register for a free trade ticket, please click here.

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