Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia

The awards recognise great innovation and outstanding products in this diverse market place. Winners are voted for by visitors to the event plus they are awarded special Judges Awards voted for by industry experts.

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The Categories:

Best New Eco/Natural Living Product


Ecogenic Sports Laundry Detergent


Ampstükk Raw Protein Bar

Best New Health & Nutrition Product


Beet Up Work Out Energy Bar

Catapult Cat

Catapult Cat

Best New Natural Beauty Product (cosmetics, haircare, beauty supplement)

Bruns Products

Shampoo N°04
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Naturelle Pro Beauty

Duet Perfecting Concealer

Best New Natural Drink Product

Movers & Shakers

Soof Drinks

Unione Trading

Alo Aloe Coco

Best New Natural Food Product

Supreme Greek Taste

Rose Honey

Caldic Foodservice & Retail

Naturens Energi

Best New Natural Skincare (face & body)

Organic Shop |Oü Eurobio Lab 2

Repairing Body Cream Banana Milk


Tundra regimen for acne-prone skin

Best New Natural Special Diet Food Product (vegetarian, vegan, free-from) - NEW

Pookspafoods GmbH

Pook Coconut Chips


Coconut, Vanilla and Acai Berry Bar

Best New Organic Drink/Beverage

Belorganic E.U

Absolutely Wild Organic Birch Water

Rõngu Mahl AS

Organic lingonberry Nectar KÜLLUS

Best New Organic Food Product

Nucao by Nu Organics


Beriksson AB

Goodio Chocolate

Best New Organic Non-Food

Bruns Products

Hair Souffle Number 14

Propolia Apimab Laboratories

Active Propolis Soap

Butikstrender Most Unique Product Award

Innate Drinks

Innate Organic Infused Water

Most Innovative Food Packaging Award

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Andean Sol

Chia Seeds and Quinoa Packaging

Natural Outstanding Achievement Award

Johannes Cullberg

CEO & Founder of Paradiset

New Organic Special Diet Food (vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free)

Food Young Operations SA

ZAZ Crush Cacao

Biofood Biolivs

Paleo Caramel Apple Pie

Organic Outstanding Achievement

Charlotte Bladh Andrè

CEO/VD at Organic Sweden