Natural Products Scandinavia presents the perfect platform for your brand to be aligned with an international event.

With its extensive marketing programme, not only will your company benefit from an enhanced presence at the show, you will have the option of being fully integrated into all of our pre-show campaign, ensuring you achieve maximum exposure.

There are a number of opportunities at Natural Products Scandinavia which will allow visitors to interact with your brand for an extended period of time.

Opportunities available are:


Online Sponsorship
  • Visitor emails (4 available)
  • Floorplan

On-site Sponsorship
  • Show Bag
  • Central Café
  • Entrance Café
  • Conference Theatres
  • VIP Area Sponsor

Awards Sponsorship
  • Drinks Reception
  • Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia
  • Awards Prize Sponsor

For more details on each opportunity have a look at our sponsorship opportunities info sheet (PDF)



For more information about sponsorship opportunities of Nordic Organic Chef Competition please go to www.ekokockar.se

To find out more about sponsorship opportunities, please contact one of our sales team:

Fiona Allen

Event Director

Melina Viking

Sales Manager

Siobhan Thompson

Sales Executive