Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia – winners announced

The winners of the Natural & Organic Awards Scandinavia 2017 were announced yesterday at Natural Products Scandinavia.

The awards, which celebrates the standout brands and best new certified innovations of the year, were hosted by Diversified Communications and presented by Johan Cejie, sales manager at KRAV and founder of Moreganic Sourcing.

As in previous years, visiting buyers and retailers – from across the Nordic region and beyond – decided the winners by casting their vote at the Natural & Organic Awards Showcase, on the show’s opening day (Wednesday 15 November). The 11 winners were selected from 155 New Product Showcase entries, in categories covering food, health, beauty and natural living.

The Judges Awards – voted for by industry experts –  included the Butikstrender Most Unique Product Award, presented by Dunia Jamil, editor in chief of Butikstrender magazine and the Foxpak Most Innovative Food Packaging Award, presented by  Paul Young, managing director of Foxpak.  Plus the show’s two prestigious ‘Natural Outstanding Achievement Award’, and ‘Organic Outstanding Achievement Award’ were also revealed.

The Results 

Best New Eco/Natural Living Product 

Winner – Ecogenic: Ecogenic Sports Laundry Detergent
Runner up – Amoor Oü, Ampstükk: Ampstükk Raw Protein Bar

Best New Health & Nutrition Product

Winner – WellAware: Beet Up Work Out Energy Bar
Runner up – Catapult Cat: Catapult Cat

Best New Natural Beauty Product (cosmetics, haircare, beauty supplement)

Winner – Bruns Products: Shampoo N°04

“This has been the best trade show ever!  To be awarded, not only once but twice is also incredible and we know that this recognition will fill us with lovely response.  With our experience from last year and this year, we recommend this trade show to everyone in the industry,” says Johanna Goodrich and Cecilia Nilsson, founders of Bruns Products

Runner up – Naturelle Pro Beauty: Duet Perfecting Concealer

Best New Natural Drink Product

Winner – Soof Drinks: Movers & Shakers

“We are very happy to be rewarded as the Best New Natural Drink Product.  It was our international launch, so we hoped for a good show.  We have had a great time with the team and visitors over the two days.  Now we hope to get a successful launch with SOOF Syrups in the European market.  We met a couple of great distributors and buyers from all over Europe.  So we think this fair is a very good show to join!” says Nicole Horsmans, co-owner of SOOF Drinks.

Runner up – Unione Trading: Alo Aloe Coco

Best New Natural Food Product

Winner – Supreme Greek Taste: Rose Honey
Runner up – Caldic Foodservice & Retail: Naturens Energi

Best New Natural Skincare Product (face & body) 

Winner – Organic Shop |Oü Eurobio Lab 2: Repairing Body Cream Banana Milk

“We are very happy and proud to win in a category that included so many other exceptional products. It is an honour to get a great recognition for being a best product and brand and we will continue our efforts to provide high quality cosmetics. We have exhibited at Natural Products Scandinavia several times. For us, this is a great opportunity to raise awareness about our brand on Scandinavian market. This year, the show was excellent  and we’ve met with our existing and potential business partners from all over the world,” says Natalia Rogacheva, brand manager.

Runner up –  Lumi: Tundra regimen for acne-prone skin

Best New Natural Special Diet Food Product (vegetarian, vegan, free-from) 

Winner – Pookspafoods Gmbh: Pook Coconut Chips

“I want to take a moment to extend my sincerest thanks for selecting POOK COCONUT Chips as the Best New Natural Special Diet Product of 2017. It was such an amazing surprise and I am deeply honoured and humbled. I will continue to strive for the utmost quality of the Pook brand and assortment of products. And I will continue my focus on growing the Pook brand and message throughout the European market and beyond. It is so wonderful that you are able to host this contest each year and it was such a great opportunity for me to be a part of it. Thank you again for this recognition of my efforts. I will do my very best to merit the trust you have placed in me,” says Kanokporn Holtsch, founder & director of PookSpaFoods GmbH.

Runner up – Adonis: Coconut, Vanilla and Acai Berry Bar

“The show was well delivered and door opening for discussions with a lot of distributors in the Nordic markets,” says Ingo Braeunlich, Adonis, UK.

Best New Organic Drink/Beverage Product 

Winner – Belorganic E.U: Absolutely Wild Organic Birch Water

“After getting the second place last year, we are thrilled that our new line of Organic Birch Water, ABSOLUTELY WILD, won the award this year. We greatly appreciate that our dedication to bringing this traditional Nordic drink to consumers at affordable prices has been honored. It also shows that our decision to move to glass bottles for Scandinavia was the right one. This award gives us great momentum for expanding into the Nordic markets,” says Natalia Schindler, founder of Belorganic.

Runner up – Rõngu Mahl AS: Organic lingonberry Nectar KÜLLUS

Best New Organic Food Product

Winner – Nu Organics: Nucao

“Being awarded as the best new organic food product means a lot to us, especially since it was voted by the crowd. Naturally functional food, that tastes delicious at the same time, is our mission – this award shows us, that we are on the right track. Since we didn’t know any distributors in Scandinavia before the show, we didn’t really know what to expect. Fortunately, we met many quality buyers from all the nordic countries and now have a good basis to enter the market,” says  Christian Fenner, co-founder and managing director of Nu Organics.

Runner up – Beriksson AB: Goodio Chocolate

Best New Organic Special Diet Food Product (vegetarian, vegan, free-from) 

Winner – Food Young Operations SA: ZAZ Crush Cacao
Runner up – Biofood Biolivs: Paleo Caramel Apple Pie

Best New Organic Non-Food Product 

Winner: Bruns Products: Hair Souffle Number 14

Runner up: Propolia Apimab Laboratories: Active Propolis Soap

”The show Natural Products of Scandinavia in Malmö is a great opportunity to meet our existing clients, get new contacts from the Scandinavian countries and stay up to date with the industry. We truly enjoyed being there and were really happy to get the Award “Runner-up” for our PROPOLIA Active Soap as Best New Organic Non-Food Product,” says Aurelie Bernard, export manager at Apimab Laboratories

Most Unique Product sponsored by Butikstrender 

Innate Drinks: Innate Organic Infused Water

“Winning the most unique product award 2017 has been the proudest moment since we launched Innate Organic infused water. We are so grateful to be acknowledged as a forefront contributor of innovation in the organic sector. This recognition is a wonderful retribution of our work and an amazing chance to shine amongst the big players in the industry,” says Aparajit Parthasarathy, co-founder of F&F Beverages.

The Most Innovative Food Packaging Award, sponsored by Foxpak

Andean Sol:  Chia Seeds and Quinoa Packaging

“We at Andean Sol were so pleased to have won the award for most innovative packaging at this year’s Natural Products Scandinavia trade fair. In a market with many competing products we truly believe innovative packaging to be the key way to call attention and to differentiate our brand on the shelf so that consumers then have the chance to enjoy the delicious and healthy product inside. Natural Products Scandinavia has been the ideal fair to showcase food innovation to the very receptive Scandinavian market,” says Thomas Spillane, founder and director of Andean Sol.

The Natural Outstanding Achievement Award

Johannes Cullberg, CEO & Founder of Paradiset

“I’m very grateful and happy to have won this award. It came as a total surprise but made my day! The fair was even better than usual. Maybe the best ever, which is a good sign for the future.  I’m already looking forward to next year’s show,” says Johannes Cullberg, founder of Paradiset.

The Organic Outstanding Achievement Award

Charlotte Bladh André: CEO / VD at Organic Sweden

”The Organic Food Outstanding Achievement Award” is a fantastic recognition for Organic Sweden as an industry association. We started three years ago and have during a very short time become an organisation who gather companies and associations from across the food industry, all working towards making Sweden more organic.  This excellent award gives both me and Organic Sweden energy, strengthening our role as an ambassador and coordinator for the organic food industry,” says Charlotte Bladh André,  CEO for Organic Sweden

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